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Nick Reed - Hollywood Producer

"enCAST is such a simple and powerful idea. It is so obvious, I don't know why it has not been done before. Make it at as easy as possible, for directors, producers, agents, line producers to find English speaking actors and models for film, TV, theatre and commercials. One stop shopping. Its a win win for everyone."

Nick Reed is a former Hollywood agent at ICM involved with projects such as Austin Powers II, Bridget Jones Diary, Moulin Rouge, The Bourne Identity, Meet the Parents and many other major films. Nick is now an independent producer in Hollywood.


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Need a French actor who speaks English and knows how to sword fight?

Need a Spanish actor who has long blonde hair and has a model's figure?

Talk to us and we will try our best to find them for you - and all for free!

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Although most people on this site are actors, we also welcome directors, casting directors, filmmakers and other crew who want to network.

Simply put, if you're in Europe, are in the film industry and speak English, come and join us!